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Udhna Udhyog Nagar, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat, India   Get Direction

Welcome to the industrious world of Vapchem, a name that has been soaring great heights and towering unparalleled success in the manufacturing of textile chemicals, glitter powder and many other products. The strong ardor and competent attitude is our strength and it has helped us in providing the highest level of satisfaction to our clients.

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Business Size
  • A/7/19, Road No. 1
    Udhna Udhyog Nagar, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat, India
Product and Services
  • Disperse Dyes

    Our hard work and dedication has helped in the up bringing of our organization and helped us in serving our clients with products that are reliable and authentic. When we started our project we were assiduous in our efforts but with the transition of time we have gained experience that has made us the most renowned exporters of Disperse Dyes. We offer a diverse range of dyes that has positioned us among the leading disperse blue dyes and disperse red dyes manufacturers in India.

    Wide range which includes many speciality products like High Fastness Luminous Dyes which are being exported by us in many countries like China, Taiwan etc.



    • CN BLUE B
    • CN PINK


  • Value Added Printed Products

    We also offer a wide array of Value Added Printed Products products. The Value Added Printed Products that we provide to our clients are world class and ensure optimum satisfaction to our honored clients. We offer a wide gamut of Value Added Printed Products like plastisol gel, diamond dew drop, white ink, pearl paste, foil binder and many more. Our Value Added Printed Products find various uses in different applications.


    Details :

    • White Inks : Stretchable and non stretchable. Highly opaque in nature.
    • Sparkle Paste : (Available in 5-120 microns, 10-100 mircons, 20-80 mircons, 40-200 microns) Variants of silver, gold and copper paste available for both stretchable and non- stretchable fabrics.
    • Foil Binder : Hot stamping adhesive for garment, flat belt and rotary printing for stretchable and non-stretchable fabrics.
    • Smoke Foil Binder : Solvent based and water based binder for smoke printing machines.
    • Foam Paste : Foam paste for both stretchable and non- stretchable types of fabrics.
    • Velvet Ink : It gives a velvet and flock like feel on the fabric after printing.
    • Transfer Adhesive : For glitter and flock transfer sheets
    • Micron Inks : Micro Inks are suitable for printing for deep dyed shades and denim fabrics.
    • Glitter Powder :  Available in different colours with particle size of 0.08, 0.06, 0.04 microns.
    • Foil Powder : Available in different colours (Silver, Gold, Copper)  with particle size of 0.08, 0.06 and 0.04 microns.
    • Metal Powder : Available in different colours (Silver, Pale Gold, Rich Gold and Copper) with particle size from 10 to 60 microns.
  • Discharging Agent/ Paste

    We are the most popular exporters of Discharging Agent/ Paste that has given us loads of success. We possess outstanding infrastructure and assiduous group of professionals that helps us to manufacture a wide range of colour discharging agent that is available at a very reasonable price. With the timely execution of orders and supplies we have become the best cotton discharging agent suppliers from India. Unmatched quality, innovative thinking and quality research helps us to deliver products that are best in the industry.

    Colours : Clear, White, Black, Diff Colours

  • Textile Auxiliaries

    Our world class production units boast of modern machineries and technology that has made us proficient exporter ofTextile Auxiliaries and textile processing auxiliaries. We offer a wide range of auxiliaries that are extensively used as a whitening agent for polyester cloth, super grade, economical grade, washing chemical for glitter etc. The products are prepared using quality researched raw materials and are strictly introspected so as to allow flawless flow of service. Today we are one of the authentic textile auxiliary manufacturers from India.


    Details :

    • VAPRON DESIZE 1065 : Desizing Agent For Synth sizes
    • VAPRON WET RW 1020L : Wetting agent for Denim
    • VAPRON BRIGHTON EXANF : Wetting, Scouring, Swelling and Stain Removing Agent
    • VAPRON WET SB 1070 : Srong Wetting/rewetting Agent
    • VAPRON DET PWD : Detergent with emulsifying properties.
    • VAPRON LUBE 100 : Lubricating Agent
    • VAPRON MER 1010 : Mercerising and wetting agent
    • VAPRON MER 1080 : Mercerising & Wetting Agent for CBR
    • VAPRON AF 2014 : Anti foaming agent (silicone based)


    • VAPRON QS 500 : Sequestering Agent
    • VAPRON QS 1043 : Seq. agent with iron chelation


    • VAPRON STAB 1092 CONC : Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer
    • VAPRON PK 1093 : Inorganic Peroxide Killer
    • VAPRON ECO ACID : Eco friendly acetic acid replacement
    • VAPRON N 2065 : Organic Acid Based Core Alkali Neutralizer
    • VAPRON LPY 2037 : Levelling agent for disperse dyes
    • VAPRON RL 2030 : Levelling agent for reactive dyes
    • VAPRON LEV 550 : Levelling agent for acid dyes
    • VAPRON CATIONIZER : Pre treatment chemical for pigment dyeing
    • VAPRON PS 2061 CONC : Washing off agent for reactive dyes
    • VAPRON NDF : Formaldehyde free dye fixer


    • VAPRON EM 40/50 : For stiff feel
    • VAPRON VBX : For Body with soft feel
    • VAPRON BSCF : For Body with soft crispy feel
    • VAPRON SUPERSIL 400/700 : Silicone softener
    • VAPRON TTS 250 : Hydrophilic Silicone softener
    • VAPRON VEQ 90 : Bio-degradable Cat. Softener 90%
    • VAPRON NS 302L : Non Ionic Softener 95%
    • VAPRON HPEQ 2575 : Ant ozone softener
    • VAPRON CWS 303-F, HWS 3032 F : Cationic Softener Flakes
    • VAPRON NYS 250 : For whites, waxy feel and body
    • VAPRON SOFT PNLI : Non Yellowing Cationic Softener Paste (90%)
    • VAPRON BLMB : Blooming Agent for Disperse Navy and Black
    • VAPRON WHITE R : Optical Brightener for polyester
    • VAPRON ULTRAPHOR 2B : Optical Brightener for cellulosic substrates
    • VAPRON SI LIQUID : Optical Brightener (liquid) for cellulosic substrates


    • VAPRON POYBEST BRS : Cotton Burnout chemical
    • VAPRON POLYESTER BURNOUT : Polyester Burnout Chemical
    • VAPRON POLYBEST HT : Loop accelerator for disperse dyes
    • VAPRON POLYBEST CDC : Color Enhancer for polyester discharge printing


    • PRINTOFINE : LV/HV (CMT) Cold/ Hot Water Soluble
    • PRINTEX CTG : For Reactive Printing Against Alginate Gum
  • Textile Binders

    We have been sensational in the exporting of comprehensive range of Textile Binders that are of superior quality and available in various colors. The array of binders is extensively used in synthetic fabrics, direct printing, discharge printing, flocking binder, for making khadi, pearl printing, textile industries and relevant areas. We are the most efficient textile printing binders and flocking binders manufacturer and one of the energetic suppliers from India. We offer all our binders at a very affordable price.


    Details :

    • Binder 9400 : Printing Binder in Textile for ink, pearl and flocking etc. Especially as printing binder for synthetic fabric
    • Soffaxcel SW : Pigment Printing Binder for white & dyed fabrics
    • Binder RLS : Used as binder for making Ink undergoing carbonizing treatment. Can be used for Gold/ Pearl/ Printing.
    • Binder JB 44 : Stretchable binder with good dry/ wet rubbing fastness.  Gives very soft feel on printed fabrics.
    • Binder L 400 : Glitter printing in Textile Industry and multi purpose use.
    • Binder Eco 40/50 : Special pigment printing binder, super and economical Grade.
    • Metal Binder 30/35 : For metal printing
    • Glitter Binder 40 : For glitter printing on stretchable fabrics
    • Flock Binder 55 : Good quality flock binder/ Adhesive gives soft feel.
  • Spartek Dyes

    We are one of the leading manufacturers of Spartek Dyes that are of superior quality and are available at a very reasonable price.Spartek Dyes extend the market for modern, high end designer abstract and uneven textures on various fabrics. Spartek Dyes are insoluble dyes. Number of dyes mixed together and printed in one screen will show multicolour effect on all fabrics. Spartek Dyes are printed with our speciality printing medium “Spartek Paste” which gives added advantage of excellent wash and wear performance.

  • Reactive Dyes

    We have wide range of Reactive Dyes which includes vinyl sulphone dyes, bifunctional dyes, poly functional dyes, mono chloro triazine dyes and some speciality products for printing.


    VS serties :

    • Yellow 42 [Yellow FG]
    • Yellow 15 [Yellow GR]
    • Yellow 44[ Golden Yellow R]
    • Orange 107 [Golden Yellow RNL]
    • Orange 7 [Orange 2R]
    • Orange 16 [Orange 3R]
    • Red 35 [Red 5B]
    • Red 111 [Red BS]
    • Red 198 [Red RB]
    • Violet 5 [Violet 5R]
    • Blue 21 [T. Blue G]
    • Blue 220 [Blue BB]
    • Blue 28 [Blue 3R]
    • Black 5 [Navy Blue VB]
    • Black 31 [Black RL]

    ME Series

    • Yellow 160 [Yellow ME4GL]
    • Yellow 145 [Golden Yellow F3R]
    • Orange 122 [Orange ME2RL]
    • Red 195 [Red F3B]
    • Red 194 [Red ME3BL]
    • Red 198 A [Red HR]
    • Red 250 [Red ME6BL]
    • Violet ME2RL [It has no CI number]
    • Blue 221 [Blue BRC]
    • Blue 222 [Blue BF]
    • Blue 194 [Blue ME2GL]

    HE series :

    • Yellow 135 [Yellow HE6G]
    • Yellow 81[Yellow HE4G]
    • Yellow 84  A[Golden Yellow HER]
    • Yellow 84 [Golden Yellow HE4R]
    • Orange 84 [Orange HE2R]
    • Red 120 [Red HE3B]
    • Red 141 [Red HE7B]
    • Red 152[Red HE8B]
    • Blue 160 [Blue HERD]
    • Blue 198 [Blue HEGN]
    • Blue 171 [Navy Blue HER]
    • Blue 172 [Navy Blue HE2R]
    • Green 19A [Green HE4B]

    H/P Series :

    • Yellow 95 [Yellow P6GS]
    • Yellow 57 [Yellow P7G]
    • Yellow 18[ Yellow P4G]
    • Orange 12 [Golden Yellow P3R]
    • Orange 13 [Orange P2R]
    • Red 45 [Red P2B]
    • Red 31[Red H8B]
    • Violet 1 [Purple H3R]
    • Blue 13 [Blue P5R]
    • Blue 49 [Blue P3R]
    • Blue 39 [Navy Blue P2R]
    • Black 8 [Black HN]
    • Black [Mix]  {Black PGR}

    VD Series [This does not have CI numbers]

    • Yellow VD3G
    • Golden Yellow VD3R
    • Orange VD3R
    • Scarlet VDR
    • Red VDB
    • Red VDIN
    • Red VDCD
    • Blue SDNG
    • Ocean VBR
    • Navy Blue VD

    VGB Series [This does not have CI numbers]

    • Golden Yellow VBG
    • Red VBG
    • Blue VBG
    • Navy Blue VBG

    Blacks :

    • Black VDN
    • Black VDWN
    • Black XL
    • Black VDR
    • Black VDG
  • Pigment Colours

    We are experts in the manufacturing of impressive range of pigment that are available in different colors. The Pigment Coloursthat we offer have high temperature stability and can resist up to 190 degree Celsius. We offer primary pigment colours at a very reasonable price that ensures optimum satisfaction to our clients. Our strict management background and maturity far beyond years has made us one of the leading alizarin pigment colours exporters from India.

    We have pigments which can be used for the following industries :

    • Textile Industry
    • Paper Industry
    • Paint Industry
    • Inks
  • Enzymes

    We are one of the fewest manufacturers and exporters with a technologically advanced fermentation facility to manufacture high quality enzymes for textile processing. We provide complete range of Enzymes.

    The major enzyme categories are as follows :

    • Textile
      • Enzymes for Cotton Desizing
        • Vepsize HTL : High Temperature alpha amylase enzyme for starch size removal.
        • Vepsize LTL : Low Temperature alpha amylase enzyme for starch size removal
        • Vepsize MTL : Medium Temperature alpha amylase enzyme for starch size removal.
      • Enzymes for Cotton Biopolishing
        • Vaprocell Max L : Acid cellulose enzyme for biopolishing of cotton fabrics & garments with minimal colour loss.
        • Vaprocell Neutra P : Neutral cellulose enzyme for biopolishing of cotton with minimal colour loss.
        • Celluknit : Acid cellulase enzyme for biopolishing of knitted fabrics & garments with minimal colour loss.
        • Biocel : Acid cellulase enzyme for aggressive biopolishing of cotton fabrics & garments with minimal colour loss.
      • Enzymes for Denim Fading
        • Vaprofade Max Plus : Acid cellulase enzyme for fading / stone washing effect on denim.
        • Vaprofade Neutra Plus : Neutral cellulase enzyme for stone washing of denim with low backstanding.
      • Enzymes for Residual Peroxide Removal
        • VaproKill HP : Catalase enzyme for removal of residual peroxide bleach from cotton fabrics.
        • Biocel HO 100 : Catalase & cellulase combo liquid for single step Residual Peroxide Removal & biopolishing.
      • Enzymes for Cotton Bioscouring
        • Vaproscour L : Conncentrated Pectatelyase and hemicellulase enzyme for bioscouring of cotton fabrics.
    • Food
      • Sugar
      • Bakery
      • Juice
      • Fruit
    • Wine / Alcohol / Breweries
    • Detergents

Constant upgradation of products and perseverance has made us one of the reliable textile auxiliaries’ manufacturers. We are also a well-known textile binder’s exporter from India. Our company was established so as to deliver products that can change lives and change it considerably. Since then, we are enjoying a vast reputation of being the most vivid exporter of comprehensive range of chemicals. We convert challenges into opportunities and this is our tradition that has unremittingly given us platform to grow and improve.

With the help of our expertise, we have successfully developed into one of the most acknowledged companies manufacturing dyes & chemicals. We have an energetic team of passionate professionals and state of the art hi-tech plant that helps us to provide quality products to our esteemed clients. Our hard-core employees are best in the industry and also contribute to 'clean and pollution free environment'. With the help of our sincere effort, we are all set to become the most potent dyes & auxiliaries manufacturing company. Our products have earned us a long list of clients situated all over the globe – making us one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers.