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Skilled India Entrepreneurs 20... by admin
3/29/16 5:30 AM - 3/29/16 1:30 AM 1 guest 0.0
Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
International Expo Centre A-11
This business summit will be a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange business ideas and information on Entrepreneurship’s contemporary Ways of Growth, Understand the elements developing entrepreneurship, Identify new methods of business growth for emerging markets, Integrate new resources, technology and budget, Innovation to maximize business growth and maximum reach: Exploring new Ideas, Entrepreneurship in Global Way, Global Identity & customer loyalty, Harnessing customer loyalty and trade experiences, Interactive trade experience for customer advocacy & Creating entrepreneurship story in Asian markets. The forum will provide many opportunities for hands-on business ventures and professional networking.  This conference is a one day program consisting of business seminar and business awards ceremony, where attendees can access practical and valuable information to help them build and grow entrepreneurs. Indian Entrepreneurs constitute one of the most important segments of India's industrial economy. To recognize the excellence of key constituents of this segment, on a national platform, Business Designers, India's prestigious business magazine is pleased to present these annual awards. These awards celebrate people who have dared to take the road less travelled; who dared to step out of their comfort zones and pass up high paying jobs to build what today forms the backbone of the Indian economy. We recognise and reward entrepreneurs from across sectors who are creating value and generating wealth in different nooks and corners of the country. The Indian Entrepreneurs & business verticals are growing at an exceptionally fast pace and has truly become the backbone of India's GDP growth. The role of Indian Industries in employment creation, innovation, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit has been crucial in fostering competitiveness in the economy and boosting inclusive growth. Indian Industry is a strong vehicle for inclusive growth, creating local demand and consumption and is the fountain head of several innovations, especially in the manufacturing and service sectors.  Main Features of SIE2016 International Business Summit Speaker Opportunity National Business Awards to Entrepreneurs Branding on National Level through Print Media, Electronic Media & Social Media 500 successful entrepreneurs from 29 states and 7 union territories will attend Skilled India Entrepreneurs 2016 (SIE2016). CEOs, directors and managers from various sectors and industries across Asia including extractive, manufacturing, apparel, electronics, utilities, logistics, information technology, agriculture, risk consultancies, service sectors and financial and educational institutions  Why should you participate Skilled India Entrepreneurs 2016 targets business community. SIE2016 participants will be visible to international audiences of manufacturing & service industry. SIE2016 participants will be predominantly business community specialists from across the region. SIE2016 sponsorship will significantly encourage business venture opportunities and quality business leads to expand business on international platform, SIE2016 provides high quality, hands-on discussion during summit that focus on providing practical content that the attendees can apply immediately. It will also give you change to deal with delegates in terms of exchange views, business opportunity and these delegates are engage in different business verticals. It will enable new developing strategies, professional networking, and policy discussion opportunities. Extremely popular and memorable, SIE2016 is an effective way for attendees to network with industry peers and share information. Remote participation helps to widen involvement at SIE2016 and is a key element of the policy development process. It allows participants from across the region and beyond to access the conference content through recorded audio and video streaming, Key advantages of participating in SIE2016 include:  Enhance your brand appeal  Reach out to Business leaders in the Asia-Pacific region 
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